Fight Like Achilles And Win €1,600,000

This month, no online casino developer will settle for former glory. And NetEnt and Quickspin are no exception. These two betting industry giants are working behind the scenes to create new productions that will once again be the talk of the town. But what can we really expect in March? Read the following lines to unravel the mystery.

NetEnt and Quickspin have more than once proven themselves in the world of online betting. With each release, their experienced publishers are always putting their money where their mouth is to provide outstanding entertainment for all casino players. And to confirm their supremacy this month, they have decided to launch two new best online casino games with the same theme: the Guardian of Athens and The Golden Age slot machines. According to our sources, these two jewels will be equipped with several outstanding features, beautiful graphics and beautiful sounds. And that’s not all, an excellent redistribution rate will also accompany each of his productions. However, to have more details, we got closer to the publisher. Find below the result of our investigations in detail.

War and obtain the title of protector of the Greek and Roman people.

“‘It’s better to come back from a war covered in blood than safe and sound as a coward. “‘

says an Afghan proverb. Would you be able to fight a merciless battle with the invaders? Don’t miss the opportunity to get the answer to this question about online casinos!
In ancient times, Rome and Athens were under constant attack from other kingdoms. The knights of the time were therefore always arguing and were always ready to defend their territory and protect the sovereign who sat on the throne. And on his two productions, the editors invite you to do as his valiant soldiers did. Indeed, on Quickspin’s Guardian of Athens your mission will be to fight alongside the goddess of war who is none other than Athena! Athena has promised to let you walk away with €1,600,000 if you succeed in winning. The fights will take place in Athens and only on 5 rolls and 3 rows. 20 paylines and a payout rate of 96.58% have also been added to the game.

However, on NetEnt’s The Golden Age you will land in Rome in the Golden Age. Your mission will also be to defeat enemies. But this time, no god will lend you a hand. You can only rely on your armor and sword to fight. Note that at the end of the battle you will be able to win €5,000,000. It is also important to note that the game will come with 5 reels, 20 paylines and a payout rate of 96.06%.