Today we are going to answer a question that often comes up in our support: how do we make our online casino comparison? We are going to give you our methodology and the criteria that allow us to make a comparison of online casinos.

The purpose of this file is to allow you to make your own comparison but also to understand our ranking… and if you want to save time you can always rely on all the online casinos that have 5 stars and that represent for us the best brands to play online casino nowadays.

The determining criteria for online casinos

These criteria are the elements that need to be unpacked in order to make an objective rating. It is necessary to take a step back and that is why there are online casinos that have been on the market for months but that we don’t add right away. For example, it is good to see the support and seriousness of the payments in a minimum amount of time. Let’s take a look at these criteria in detail.

The game license

A casino needs a license to operate legally in full view of the authorities, and also to have a compliant company so that banking institutions can manage players’ money. On the international scene, for example, we find the license provided by Malta. Today most casinos that wish to accept French-speaking players and with a little more flexibility opt for a gaming license on Curacao. Usually you will find information about a casino’s license at the bottom of its website, or in the legal disclaimer. You should therefore be wary if you can’t find any information about this on a gambling site.

Experience and reputation

A team that manages a casino, very often does not just manage a single brand. It has all the logistics to manage a site and takes advantage of it to launch other brands in order to have complementary marketing approaches and thus acquire more market share. We can make the link thanks to licenses but also by reading guides (like ours). For example, the Tropezia Palace team, which has successfully managed this brand for many years, launched Cheri Casino. We can therefore add this information to determine the seriousness of a brand. We can also take advantage of this information to check the reputation of a brand on numerous sites and the comments left by Internet users.

However, one must be careful to take this with a grain of salt because many times competitors do not hesitate to create false comments to discredit a particular casino. This sets the tone, however, because there are sites that track the complaints made and you can see if the casino in question is making efforts to resolve the issues. On our site, for example, the “Unique Casino” page stands out well on search engines and as a result, players do not hesitate to leave a comment. We also have direct contact with this casino, and we take the liberty of notifying them when we have a new comment. This allows us to see that they take care of the problems encountered by the players and that they solve the situations over time. This is an essential point in determining whether a brand is serious or not.

Bonuses and their conditions

This is an essential point because a casino’s marketing approach determines whether it is trying to be advantageous to the player or whether it is rather “stingy” or only wants to reward high rollers. And above all, it is important to be well informed about the conditions of bonuses, because it is there that you can see quite quickly how serious a team is. Some casinos are not scams in the strict sense of the word. They pay the players and respect their terms and conditions, but rely on particularly restrictive bonus conditions that are sometimes incomprehensible to the players. As you will have understood, these casinos will not keep players for long but they rely on newcomers to keep their business going.

We decipher these conditions to see which brands respect the players and offer them a minimum of freedom to enjoy online gambling with confidence. There are even casinos that have specialized in offering bonuses that are as free as possible, with no wagering or gaming conditions to be respected in order to enjoy them. For example, Happy Hugo Casino has often emphasized the fact that it offers almost exclusively bonuses with no wagering conditions, which means that the player is never blocked from withdrawing his winnings (except for the amount of the bonus offered, otherwise players would make a deposit and immediately request to withdraw the bonus offered). Rest assured that there are real casinos that have bonus conditions but still make sense. For example, having to wager 30 times the amount of a bonus offered is actually quite simple to comply with and allows the casino to have some fairness.


This criterion seems essential but very often an average gambler does not have the technical knowledge to ensure the security of an online casino (especially concerning transactions). We make sure that the casino we test has all the current technologies in terms of security.


How do we finalize our online casino reviews?

By taking into account the determining criteria that we have just mentioned in the previous paragraph, we establish a scale with a first rating. The more successfully a casino meets our criteria, the higher its score will be.

We therefore quickly know which online casinos are reliable and can be retained to continue.

We then refine our judgement based on “quality” criteria. These allow us to make an objective ranking to determine which brands offer maximum quality and fun for players. Here are these criteria:

The distribution rate: this information is not always available but it can be given by the organization that manages the gambling license, or an independent auditing company (e.g. TST). This distribution rate is both defined by the casino software but can be modified by the final casino itself, which is free to keep a more or less comfortable margin. Some lower the payout rate in order to offer more bonuses, and vice versa.

The number of games and the number of different software: Having a complete collection of games is important, but having the best games from different casino software is even better. This strongly defines the ultimate enjoyment for the players as they usually like to discover the best titles available on the market.

Games with live dealers: this is now becoming an asset to offer more gaming pleasure. And above all there are many operators such as Evolution Gaming, Authentic Gaming, Ezugi, VIG, etc. Some online casinos have understood this need and are entering into partnerships to offer a sufficient number of live games.

Serious financial transactions: for us this is a relatively important point and we always have a defined budget to test an online casino for months. This allows us to objectively test whether deposits (and especially withdrawals) are done quickly and with seriousness on the part of the team involved. We take the opportunity to test the different payment methods.

Customer support: during these months of testing we like to ask the support team to check their availability (having 24/7 support is always appreciated), their reactivity and their relevance! It is important that a support person can quickly describe us for example the conditions to be respected for the use of a bonus. A serious and experienced team has often understood this point and offers irreproachable support to keep players in excellent conditions.

The presence of progressive jackpots: this is always an advantage for players, as some brands network several slot machines to have particularly large progressive jackpots, such as the Mega Fortune Dreams slot machine.

Finally, once we post a notice on our site and people contact us about them (especially if there is a problem), we report this information to the casino in question and see if they are acting seriously. We take these actions into account when setting or updating our final scores, which is why over time we update our rankings and improve them as the experience progresses.

This way we can save you time and showcase serious companies in the world of online casinos. In a simple and concrete way you should only use brands that have 4 or ideally 5 stars in our online casino comparison. They are for us the most serious ones and can satisfy you in the long run. However, even if a brand is not present on our site, because there are thousands of them, this file should help you to make an objective opinion to allow you to play in the best conditions.