NetEnt New Casino Games 2021

Games soon to be launched from NetEnt

Netent is planning the launch of the Gordon Ramsay Hells kitchen and The Trillionaire slot machines, two games that will remind you of great movies. Find out more here!

The betting industry is constantly evolving and software developers are an essential link in this progress. Among them, you will find the giant NetEnt, which has always known how to get French online casino gamblers on board. He returns this time with two excellent productions, the Gordon Ramsay Hells kitchen slot machines and The Trillionaire. Whether you are a fan of cooking or fashion, it is probably obvious that the names of these two slot machines already evoke enough memories in your mind. But what do they really mean to you?

Gordon Ramsay Hells kitchen

On the Gordon Ramsay Hells kitchen online slot machine, NetEnt makes a comeback on the famous Gordon Ramsay TV show. Originally broadcast in the UK, the programme eventually conquered the hearts of Americans. Mr. Ramsay later directed 18 seasons of his show in the United States. He may appear in the game zone to give you the best tips to help you hit the jackpot. Knowing NetEnt, you can be sure that this game will incorporate better bonus features as well as an interesting profit potential.

Listen to Anja J on NetEnt’s The Trillionaire slot machine

NetEnt’s partner institutions will soon be able to offer The Trillionaire slot machine to players in French online casinos. The Trillionaire is a video slot with an interesting theme based on a well-known song: I Wan To Be A Trillionaire 

of singer Anja J. This young lady celebrated the wonders of Fashion TV with her single and her nightingale voice. From the moment you click on “Spin” in this game, the icons on the scrolls will remind you of the entire history of Fashion TV and its president Michel Adam. This new NetEnt title is sure to surprise you with its integrated features.