Online casinos bonuses

Bonuses can be a great opportunity, but in other cases they can freeze your funds and end up being a trap for the unwary player. This casino file will help you to better determine if you want to take advantage of a bonus and if not, how to refuse this commercial offer.

Understanding wagering

Wagering is a common notion and often linked to bonuses in online casinos, it is a condition added to most bonuses. When the casino site indicates a wagering of 30 for a bonus (e.g. a welcome bonus), it means that you must wager 30 times the amount of the bonus offered before you can make a withdrawal.

For example, you have made a deposit of €200 and the casino offers you a 100% bonus. You will therefore have a €200 bonus offered to you and you will have a total of €400 to play with. However, you will only be able to withdraw your winnings if you have wagered at least $200 (the bonus amount) x 30 (the bonus amount) x $6,000.

This may be a certain amount of money, but the reality is that it’s going faster than you might think. Since the payout rate is very high (often around 97%), this means that if you play for example €100 you will get €97 in return (this is an average). So you can easily play for more than 6 000 € of stakes with only 400 € of capital.

It’s therefore quite easy to bet a total related to wagering, unless of course you are a bit too aggressive in the games. I’m talking in particular about people who “tilt” and bet the whole balance on a single bet, for example at roulette on red or black.

But if you play more reasonably with a smooth progression of bets, regardless of the game you choose (even a slot machine), you will eventually have a good chance of betting the necessary stakes to unlock the withdrawal of your winnings.

It should be noted that the average wagering on the market is around 30 times, especially on welcome bonuses, and generally varies between 0 and 60.

And for each one-time bonus, make sure you read all the bonus conditions to find out if you will respect them or not. If you have any doubts, don’t wait to make a deposit before contacting support. Anticipate and make contact. If the online casino you have chosen is serious, they will be happy to assist you. And especially over time, if you are a loyal player who appreciates a brand, you won’t have any trouble becoming a VIP player and thus have more flexible bonus conditions.


When and how do I decline a casino bonus?

Some players prefer never to use a bonus to ensure that they are free to withdraw their winnings at any time. This can also be understood by avoiding having to learn the intricacies of certain bonuses. For example, it may happen that the wagering differs in percentage depending on the game chosen, or you have a delay in exploiting an offered amount, etc. Some online casinos are not lacking in imagination and some of them abuse it to trap players (but generally they are not very serious casinos that don’t last very long).

If you want to be as free as possible and take the time to discover a casino without being bound, in this case it may be interesting to refuse a casino bonus.

To refuse a bonus, especially the welcome bonus, nothing could be simpler. You can make a deposit, but do NOT start betting. If you have been automatically awarded a bonus, please contact the casino staff promptly (chat is the easiest way to do this, as your request will be processed in real time).

You will receive the bonus and will not be required to fulfill any conditions to withdraw your winnings.

Alternatively, you can always ask for a more detailed explanation of the conditions of a bonus that has been given to you.


Tip: unconditional sites and/or hybrid bonuses

Taking advantage of a bonus can still be particularly advantageous. If you play sensibly, you can get a much larger amount of money to play with.

It is important to know that each online casino’s bonus marketing strategy is unique. In our online casino reviews we try to explain this in detail. Some casinos such as Happy Hugo act in a transparent manner and clearly do not add any wagering requirements on any of the bonuses offered. This is quite advantageous compared to other brands, but the bonus offered may be a little smaller.

Other online casinos only offer VIPs 30% unconditional bonuses, or rather offer you 30% cashback on all your stakes.

But there are also hybrid bonuses in the sense that the amount of the bonus offered to you is put into a separate balance from your initial balance. This means that you have two balances in your account, and you are free to withdraw the initial stakes you have deposited. And to withdraw additional winnings from the bonus stakes, you will have to wait until you have wagered the number of times required by the casino.

This is a good point because it gives the player the advantage of enjoying a bonus without being tied to it… and it allows the casino to avoid abuse, so it’s a win/win system.

We invite you to consult and use the best online casinos by following the order of priority of the ranking below, you will thus avoid the too strict conditions and will not necessarily be obliged to refuse the bonuses but on the contrary to take advantage of them because they will allow you to have a financial advantage.